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Get Your Copy of “Death by Socialism” Today

Every year, there is a list of the world’s top causes of death. The list ordinarily includes heart disease, stroke, pulmonary disease, lung cancer, tuberculosis, and malaria, among others. However, there is one cause of death that is conspicuously absent from this list; one that has claimed more than one hundred million lives over the past century alone, and one that has left countless mil- lions of lives and families in shambles. You will not find this cause of death listed on any coroner’s reports. You will not find any laboratories researching a cure. There are no fundraisers or public awareness campaigns around it. You will not even find a passing mention of it in any of the newspapers. It is the most ruthless of serial killers, and yet it never has its day in court. More than people, this cause of death has claimed entire civilizations. It is the most silent of killers: it is Death by Socialism . Buy your copy of  Death by Socialism  today at Lulu ,  Amazon ,  Barnes & Noble ,