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The Case for Wisdom in Ungodly Times

"With much wisdom comes much sorrow, and as knowledge grows, grief increases."  In such discouraging times as these, we find ourselves desperate for wisdom. We find ourselves searching high and low for answers and truths. As people of the twenty-first century, we seem to have, more than ever, strayed further and further away from it all: the truth, reality, and our traditions. The objective ought now, as ever, to be the reclamation of our values such that we may stand to redeem ourselves, right our wrongs and, above all, recover the truth. The challenge for those of us faithful and courageous enough to take on this task is that wisdom seldom prevails without difficulty. Indeed, any endeavor of this kind is invariably met with doubters and detractors; even the first steps in the search are, among laymen, as unlikely to be taken as the shrouded trail is now to be found. As we seek wisdom in our lives, and as we seek to defend it, we must remember the teachings of Ecclesiastes i