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The Dollar Funeral Train: The Track to Thralldom

When the dollar finally realizes its destiny, the Socialist States of America will be prepared to ostracize those who planned accordingly. Politicians and their jealous followers will denounce the holders of real assets, namely precious metals, as greedy hoarders of wealth who’ve collectively sabotaged the common currency.  As of this writing, the US dollar Index ( DXY ) is roughly 4 percent lower than it was before the Federal Reserve launched QE Infinity, pledging unlimited asset purchases to "keep credit flowing" and "keep the market functioning." For the first time in the history of the Federal Reserve, the central bank will purchase corporate bonds, through purchases of securities in primary and secondary markets and through exchange-traded funds. According to the Fed, the central bank will "purchase Treasury securities and agency mortgage-backed securities in the amounts needed to support smooth market functioning and effective transmission of monetar

Double Whammy: Recession and COVID-19

In this article, we will endeavor to evaluate one of the single most important graphics I will ever create to illustrate the profound psychological and generational effects of social myopia and herd mentality.  The contents of this article are as relevant today as ever, and their piercing insights into the pattern of social fallibility and shortsightedness expose the limits of human understanding and the implications of historical illiteracy. Beyond the guidance afforded the reader, this article outlines the risks of failing to learn from history, which is littered everywhere with cautionary tales about human nature and the immeasurable costs of naiveté.  In most cases of learning, the modern student mistakenly stows away information as academic trivia worthy only of classroom consideration. In the study of history, the student erroneously assumes, whether knowingly or unknowingly, that contemporary society and its boundless technologies have distanced our species from the reported