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The Purpose of the Second Amendment

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

No solitary sentence has been the subject of greater debate than the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, and no sentence has been more wildly misconstrued or misrepresented. 

Whenever mankind experiences any devastating loss of life, it appears so common that so many among us leap at the opportunity to cast blame well beyond the individuals responsible for the violent acts. 

Many among us automatically conclude that the acts represent some greater trend, a systemic problem, or an eradicable evil. 

On one hand, the morbid events that surround us expose the primal instincts of the human race, while the campaigns that leverage them to advance their agendas expose much of the same: the human being is thrust into the position of fighting for survival, and this remains just as relevant for the wilderness as for the politica…
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What the Lawsuit Against Lady Gaga Says About Modern America

When TarĊ Gomi’s 1977 children’s book “Everyone Poops” first sold in the United States in 1993, Gomi couldn’t possibly have predicted the title of the story's sequel, let alone America's twenty-first century analog to his first book.

Although we haven’t yet heard any official word on its future release, or even whether it’s yet being written, the subject is bound to be just as familiar, only far more repulsive. 

I just hope that whichever author and publisher decide to collaborate on this important undertaking are aware of the associated risks. 

Either way, “Everyone Sues” is sure to be a massive hit, and Lady Gaga’s latest predicament will certainly help to bolster sales. 

In news this week, nine-time Grammy Award winner Lady Gaga is being sued for "millions and millions" for her song's use of three solitary chords whose short progression resembles that of a relatively unknown five-year-old song by an obscure artist on music sharing website SoundCloud. 

While the two…

The Multi-Million-Dollar Case for the Multigenerational Household

One of the leading causes of social dysfunction is the breakdown of the system of inheritances. 

More than just the mere inheritance of material wealth, this subject centers around the inheritance of qualities and practices that are best suited to endure and thrive throughout life on earth. 

It is the responsibility of every child-bearing parent to equip his or her offspring with the physical and psychological tools to survive, lest the parent risk imperiling his or her child through neglect. 

Unfortunately, many parents broadly misinterpret ‘neglect’ as the active forms of abuse that are visibly apparent, but ‘neglect’ is much more than that. 

In the context of parenting and families, ‘neglect’ takes the form of unmet obligations that are instrumental in enabling children to survive and thrive under the protection, guidance and provisions secured by those who have honored their responsibilities. 

As parents and as families, it is absolutely essential to clothe, feed and bathe our offsprin…

Why Police Hate People and the Constitution

Outside of government and mainstream media, YouTube is home to the largest contingent of resident self-proclaimed experts. 

A series of recent videos published by a former police officer offer no exception. 

In one of these videos, the YouTuber presents footage captured by a citizen who recorded a traffic stop from her vehicle in a parking lot. 

One of the police officers on scene approached the videographer to inform her that the traffic stop is “none of [her] business.” 

The officer told the woman, “You have no interest in that traffic stop whatsoever.” 

The officer then insulted the two citizens by calling them “ignorant” and telling them to “go do something else, go have fun, go do something.” 

The officer then concluded, “It’s Friday night. Don’t be such idiots.” 

In summation, the YouTuber labels the so-called "First Amendment auditors" as "big losers." 

The dilemma presented here is rather interesting. 

On one end, we have a police officer who’s professionally employ…

The Feminization Project

Has the female vote improved our lives? 

Should women have the right to vote? 

Should men and women treat each other as equals? 

Many today hardly take a second to ruminate over these questions, assuming the affirmative in each case. 

The truth is, however, that while these political developments over the past century may appear right and just, their effects are indisputable. 

Over the course of pretending that men and women are equal, we have perilously abandoned the truth that men and women are each endowed with unique qualities, affinities and instincts. 

Whether biologically, genetically or otherwise, they are not equal, and they have never demonstrated the capacity to be equal. 

What’s more, many social conventions have been born out of the inherent differences, those inequalities, which have suited households for centuries. 

While each household possesses its own unique dynamics, men have long been embraced for their decision-making, their alertness to foreseeable threats, their capacit…

Government, the Full-Time Con Artist

The insidiousness of the political system is no clearer than in the way it metamorphoses along with the complexity of the civilization it enslaves. 

Where enterprise has succeeded in developing the networks for utilities, transportation and supply, the political system will soon succeed in regulating or monopolizing it, albeit occasionally with sound intentions. 

Where these networks become increasingly complex, so too will government increase its claim over the processes in order to purportedly preempt abuse or enhance oversight for the so-called public welfare. 

That government will further finance subsidies and expenditures, its true aims, through a claim on some fraction of its slaves’ income streams, which that political system then claims as its own. 

The added complexity of those networks leaves the average slave, or taxpayer, bewildered as he couldn’t possibly begin to imagine replacing it with his own designs. 

So instead of rejecting the tax, he interprets it as the meager cost t…

The 'Diversity' Scam

'Diversity' serves as one of the most ambiguous, abused and misunderstood terms in the modern lexicon. 

What does it mean, if anything? 

At what level does it operate, and what end does it serve beyond aesthetics or politicking? 

'Diversity' serves Western civilization as a sort of badge of honor adorning those who champion its undefined cause, who sport the language no differently than they wear a shirt with the name of a brand or political candidate they know only well enough to appreciate the membership it’s afforded them to some special club. 

The term ‘diversity’ likewise serves as a moving target whereby the politically-minded jockey for their advantage by appealing to an abstract, idealistic yet untested hypothesis about a better civilization. 

Nowhere in the historical record will one find any measure of certainty to support the theory that 'diversity' in and of itself can predictably achieve any semblance of harmony, prosperity or righteousness. 

Seldom, if …