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Socialism and the Welfare State: A Betrayal of Truth and Nature

In a virtuous and practical community or civilization, or broadly any environment where people are competing and endeavoring to survive, the natural course is both intuitive and logical, one generally served by man's instincts: that course is the pursuit of sustained life by all practical (and, insofar as possible, ethical) means. Any arrangement which seeks to modify the natural condition, which seeks to renegotiate man's inherent responsibilities, or to redistribute the product of his labor, presents not only a distortion of incalculable risk, but a virtually unlimited number of violations of law and ethics.  Any such distortion, therefore, presents the distinct threat of decadence, lethargy, or even social ruin. For this reason, it is incumbent upon any and all who seek to renegotiate the terms of life, liberty, and property, who intend to defy instinct and nature, to strictly enumerate those impositions and the standards by which success and failure are to be measured (and
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Understanding the Causes of the War between the States

With the history of America's "Civil War" having recently reentered the political spotlight, it has become apparent just what precious little Americans know about their own country's history. Those who wish to truly understand the causes of the War between the States must first endeavor to understand the construction of the United States, that the United States were constituted as a Union of sovereign states. In this context, it is essential to understand that each state then reserved the right to secede from the Union, as articulated in the Declaration of Independence, throughout the Constitutional Conventions, and upon ratification of the Constitution.  One must also study the Constitution of the Confederate States of America, the addresses and the statements issued by Lincoln and his administration, the Corwin Amendment, the history of the American Colonization Society, the political and economic implications of the Morrill Tariff and westward expansion, the implic

A Sentence for Wealth

True wealth has less to do with the things you own than with the lives you touch; more to do with purpose than possessions; more to do with the way you own and define your life than with the way your possessions own and define you; less to do with the things that degrade than with the legacies that endure; and less to do with the things that we keep than with the seeds that we sow beyond the fruits that we reap.

60 Years Later: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

As we approach the sixty-year mark since that fateful day in Dealey Plaza, I deem worthy some considerations surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I intend not to dishonor the thirty-fifth President of the United States, nor to distract from the solemn remembrance of November 22nd, 1963, but to shed some light on the lesser-known aspects surrounding that day and the assassination itself. It is important that we commemorate this historic tragedy and that we pay our respects to the lives lost on that day, including those of John Kennedy and Officer J. D. Tippit; yet it is also essential that we endeavor to unearth the truth surrounding those two murders, for the sake of their families as well as the sake of recorded history. As there has been but one trial surrounding the assassination, and not one in the case of Officer J. D. Tippit, it has been up to ordinary Americans, and other concerned persons of the world, to do their own research and to launch their own inve

Elementary Overview of the Conflict in Israel

As the situation in the Gaza Strip further deteriorates under the threat of total war, I have deemed worthy a brief overview of the conflict between the states of Palestine and Israel. I thought I would share some relevant details so that, insofar as any person is eager to form an opinion on the subject, he or she will have some sense of the tensions between the camps, the longstanding feud between them, and some of the particulars pertaining to the situation at the Gaza Strip. First, it is essential to understand that the Jewish State of Israel has long been in the process of expanding its control over the region, claiming territory by displacing Palestinians and demolishing their homes to make way for Jewish Israelis — a process known as the Zionist movement, which has displaced Arabs across the entire region known as the state of “Israel”, as the Jewish State of Israel continues to support and finance the large-scale migration of Jewish persons from abroad.  The same has happened in

The Abstractification of “Intrinsic Value”

In a world wandering ever further into the abstract, the arbitrary and the subjective, it comes as no surprise that so many are confused on the meaning of “intrinsic value”.  When used at the personal level, the “intrinsic value” of any asset is in its use case, the properties it inherently possesses; at the market level, its “intrinsic value” is in its use case independent of sentiment and appraisal. In any other context, or under any other set of conditions, the metric is entirely useless, serving only as a form of rhetoric or foolhardy marketing.  As a metric or principle, “intrinsic value” serves to offer a floor, the minimum value of any asset; thereby serving as a reference point for any subsequent appraisal (or long-term market-clearing price). “Intrinsic value” is best described qualitatively in its immutable properties and use cases, and quantitatively by stripping the calculus of   any anomalous artifice, conditions, sentiment and speculations supporting current market prices

Core Considerations

As fields of study, history, philosophy and economics are matters of perspective, fallible assessments of truth. In reality, they are the attempt at capturing the essence of life, the product of affection, avarice, preference, passion, and — in their highest forms — love. They are mankind’s best effort at seeking to understand, or otherwise distort, the most fundamental questions before us: what drives human action, and what is  our purpose on planet earth?