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There's More to Life Than Making Money

A common argument has swept like wildfire across social media. The argument pits Democrats against Republicans on the basis of economic output in cities and counties dominated by each political ideology. The argument claims that Democrat-controlled counties vastly outperform their Republican counterparts. This argument is, at first, met with corroboration in that the majority of economic output, as measured by gross domestic product (GDP), stems from Democrat-controlled metropolises. However, what this argument tends to ignore is that most of the spending and economic activity (as captured by the GDP) takes place in the cities; that most of the people live in or around the cities, and therefore they enjoy economies of scale; that far more human activity in the cities necessarily drives spending, and that far less human activity requires the same in the country; that the economic activity found in the cities is not a consequence of active government, but rather an incentive for more of