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The Hypocrisy of the Anti-Industrialization Movement

Across the developed world, a series of spiritual movements have arisen from utopian visions of alternative existence.  While the popularity of the budding movement remains unquestionable, the logician will struggle to discover its merits.  Plainly, the spirit of this movement has been completely compromised in the development of its numbers, as diminishing camps of aboriginals and traditionalists have yielded to the audible rumblings of outcasts and quasi-intellectuals always on the lookout for somebody or something else to blame, albeit cunningly.  While nuanced, the differences between the groups have shaped the conversation around vaunted notions predicated upon unexamined assumptions.  Take, for example, the islands of the Pacific, where one can effortlessly find locals who disapprove of the so-called commercialization of their respective islands.  The innocent islands they once knew and loved are now bustling with tourists and peppered with towering hotels, luxury resor