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In his 2011 work Economic Facts and Fallacies , the economist Thomas Sowell writes of an essential condition for property rights, that "existing residents and potential newcomers [must be permitted to] compete for the same space on an equal basis in the marketplace, rather than in a political process in which only the existing residents can vote." Sowell continues: "While the existing residents may choose to believe that they have a right to 'protect' their community against outsiders by using the power of government, the Constitution of the United States requires 'equal protection of the laws' to everyone, regardless of where they happen to live or how long they have lived there." Finally, Sowell asserts that "what existing residents choose to call 'our community' is in fact not their community... [e]ach resident [owning only] the private property which that particular resident has paid for."  As may seem uncharacteristic of this

Rally for Route 66!

Keep up the fight for the Mother Road! Rally for Route 66! There is a lot at stake in preserving this irreplaceable monument to American history, not merely as a tourist attraction but as a means to permitting a glimpse into our past, as a means to virtual time-travel into a time and space otherwise inaccessible, as a means to capturing the imaginations of future generations and to preserving the memory of our forbears in both form and spirit.  We are nothing without reverence for our forbears, without our heritage or our identity as a people, without the preserved memory of our history. Without these reminders, without the tangible connections to our past and the efforts which have forged our path and come to define us, without these monuments to the pioneering and the innovative, we are destined to forget all of that which makes us uniquely human, all of that which has afforded us so much insight and abundance, all of that which has given us pause to reflect and remember and to appre

Get Your Copy of “Death by Socialism” Today

Every year, there is a list of the world’s top causes of death. The list ordinarily includes heart disease, stroke, pulmonary disease, lung cancer, tuberculosis, and malaria, among others. However, there is one cause of death that is conspicuously absent from this list; one that has claimed more than one hundred million lives over the past century alone, and one that has left countless mil- lions of lives and families in shambles. You will not find this cause of death listed on any coroner’s reports. You will not find any laboratories researching a cure. There are no fundraisers or public awareness campaigns around it. You will not even find a passing mention of it in any of the newspapers. It is the most ruthless of serial killers, and yet it never has its day in court. More than people, this cause of death has claimed entire civilizations. It is the most silent of killers: it is Death by Socialism . Buy your copy of  Death by Socialism  today at Lulu ,  Amazon ,  Barnes & Noble ,

Socialism and the Welfare State: A Betrayal of Truth and Nature

In a virtuous and practical community or civilization, or broadly any environment where people are competing and endeavoring to survive, the natural course is both intuitive and logical, one generally served by man's instincts: that course is the pursuit of sustained life by all practical (and, insofar as possible, ethical) means. Any arrangement which seeks to modify the natural condition, which seeks to renegotiate man's inherent responsibilities, or to redistribute the product of his labor, presents not only a distortion of incalculable risk, but a virtually unlimited number of violations of law and ethics.  Any such distortion, therefore, presents the distinct threat of decadence, lethargy, or even social ruin. For this reason, it is incumbent upon any and all who seek to renegotiate the terms of life, liberty, and property, who intend to defy instinct and nature, to strictly enumerate those impositions and the standards by which success and failure are to be measured (and

Understanding the Causes of the War between the States

With the history of America's "Civil War" having recently reentered the political spotlight, it has become apparent just what precious little Americans know about their own country's history. Those who wish to truly understand the causes of the War between the States must first endeavor to understand the construction of the United States, that the United States were constituted as a Union of sovereign states. In this context, it is essential to understand that each state then reserved the right to secede from the Union, as articulated in the Declaration of Independence, throughout the Constitutional Conventions, and upon ratification of the Constitution.  One must also study the Constitution of the Confederate States of America, the addresses and the statements issued by Lincoln and his administration, the Corwin Amendment, the history of the American Colonization Society, the political and economic implications of the Morrill Tariff and westward expansion, the implic