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False Alarm: The Myth of Manmade Climate Change

This short article is intended for a special reader of mine who recently sounded the alarm on the issue of climate change . As it appears here, the term is italicized for reasons that will become evident upon further reading. While I have tremendous respect for the reader who has sounded the alarm, and while I do not contend to offer an exhaustive assessment on the subject, I do believe that these points are both valid and worthy of consideration. I submit these out of admiration for said reader, and for due consideration by all others who take the slightest interest in this very important topic.  First, let it be known that there is good cause behind the phrase 1,000-year flood . Climate change is nothing you have to prove; it's always happening, and it always has happened. To sound the alarm about a natural and cyclical global phenomenon is, to put it delicately, disingenuous. Any focus on the temperature change in one part of the world ignores the fact that the average global t