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America Sold the Farm

There are such fundamental deficiencies among the human species that they can be exposed by even the simplest of tasks. In this case, I present a statement that I think could singlehandedly expose much of mankind for its illiteracy. Don’t misunderstand me. The human species is uniquely intelligent, but most of them are far better informed than they are prepared to reason. Regrettably, this leaves the modern example of the species feeling superior in virtual every way to his forbears, but little does he know that he’s actually standing on their shoulders; and little does he know the sacrifices and tradeoffs made along the way.   As it turns out, it doesn’t take much to ascertain the cognitive ability of the people in our lives. Take for instance a simple statement of fact such as this:    “Racism was neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for slavery.”   Most people are so braindead and suffer so profoundly from cognitive dissonance that they cannot possibly entertain new informat